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Why is Your Dryer Squeaking? Learn How to Help Your Dryer Work as Long as Possible

On average, dryers have a lifespan of 15- 20 years. However, the lifespan is determined by various factors, including the dryer quality, how often it is maintained, and frequent use. Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure that the machine runs properly and extends its lifespan. Unfortunately, even with the maintenance, the constant wear and tear lead to breakdowns. We will share some of the maintenance tips that can prevent dryer squeaking and help prolong the dryer’s lifespan. It is also crucial to get appliance repair services for your dryer annually for comprehensive maintenance. 

Tips to ensure that your dryer runs smoothly

  • Check the Instructions in the Dryer’s Manual

The dryer comes with a detailed manual that contains all the instructions on how to use it and the maintenance tips. Make sure that you have read the manual to understand how it works. One mistake that users make is assuming that all dryers work the same. The truth is that dryers from different manufacturers are not always the same. Follow the manual, especially if you have two dryers or have replaced your old dryer.

  • Sort the laundry based on Fabric Weight

Most people sort out their laundry based on the color. While this makes sense, as you would not want your red shirt to stain your white t-shirt, today’s clothing is color-safe. To ensure that your dryer stays in tiptop condition, start sorting your laundry by weight. Clothes made from light fabric are easier to dry than those made with heavy fabrics. When you mix the heavy fabric cloths with lightweight ones, your dryer takes a lot of time to keep drying until the heavy clothes dry. However, the dryer will do its work quickly when you put the lightweight clothes together.

  • Clean Out Your Dryer

Cleaning out the lint after every load is probably the most important thing for your dryer. Failure to do this can result in lint buildup within the dryer’s cracks and crevices. The buildup reduces the efficiency of the dryer and is also a fire hazard. It is also crucial to ensure that the dryer doors are well sealed to prevent mold and mildew growth. Dryer repair services from licensed technicians will also help in cleaning the dryer vent to prevent  home fire and improving the quality of the indoor air. 

  • Lower the heat while drying clothes

 When you have sorted your laundry based on its weight, you do not need high heat to dry every load. The lighter clothes need lower heat settings. Additionally, lowering the heat can help conserve energy when you are not in a hurry. You can also consider air-drying, especially when the sun is out and you have light clothing. Air-drying helps in reducing energy use and preventing wear and tear. It also helps in extending the lifespan of your dryer.

A Squeaking Dryer is Not Something to Ignore

When your dryer runs as it should, it does not squeak. When you start hearing squeaking sounds, then it means that there is a problem. The problem is often not only a sign of wear and tear but may also indicate that your dryer has worn-out parts that need immediate replacement or repair. The first thing you should do is determine where the squeaking sound is coming from. It may be from the front, top, back, or bottom.

  • The easy fix scenario

One of the primary causes of the squeaking sound is the wheel and bearing under the dryer. Luckily, this is not serious, and a quick fix can resolve the issue. The dryer tends to move as the cycle runs when drying a heavy load. The movement forces the wheels under the dryer to become loose, leading to a squeaking sound. One simple solution to the problem is grease the wheels to prevent the friction that causes the squeak. If your dryer comes with fixed legs, try using a screwdriver to tighten them.

  • Check the lint filter

Another reason your dryer is making the noise is when small objects have fallen in the drum or the filter. Unplug your dryer and open the lint catch compartment for foreign objects. If the issue continues, check the drum and remove the foreign items. Some foreign items responsible for the squeaking sound include coins, buttons, and paper clips.

Another potential issue is small objects within the lint filter or drum of the dryer, such as coins or paper clips. Unplug your dryer and look down the lint catch opening to determine if this is the issue. Do you see something stuck? Keep the dryer unplugged and get the item out of the lint catch or drum.

  • The dryer belt needs replacement.

The dryer emits a lot of heat when drying clothes. The extreme temperature can accelerate the wear and tear of the dryer belt. When you notice that the squeak is coming from the top of the dryer, then the dryer belt may need replacing. You can check whether the belt is damaged by unplugging the machine and opening the dryer cabinet to access the belt.

Do You Need Help with Your dryer? We Are Here for You

It is a homeowner’s wish that there is smooth running whenever they turn on their dryer. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The above tips will help prevent most of the dryer problems. However, they do not eliminate all the issues. At some point, your dryer will require the services of an appliance repair specialist to repair. 

At Appliance Cowboys, we provide comprehensive dryer appliance repair and dryer vent cleaning services for all dryer brands. With over ten years in the field, our licensed technicians are committed to providing professional services to all our clients in Houston and its neighboring environs. Get in touch today and let our technicians help you with your dryer repair or maintenance needs.

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