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Sears Appliance Repair Houston

Sears Appliance Repair

Would you pay a few dollars to save thousands? That’s right, Sears appliance repair and maintenance services from Appliance Cowboys can save you an insane amount of money. We maximize the lifespan and efficiency, and usability of your fridges, washers, and ranges, among others. Did you know that Sears has a history older than Gillette, the radio, and even the modern zipper? The company started in 1893. Sears, Roebuck, and Co was a mail-order business for watches and jewelry before shortly expanding to farming tools, sports goods, and other items.

By the 1980s, Sears was the largest retailer in the US, with department stores in hundreds of locations. Even though Kmart and Wal-Mart soon surpassed it, Sears still has many stores open across the country and deals in countless home appliances and other goods. If you need repair and maintenance services for your Sears appliances, contact Appliance Cowboys.

Let’s leave the Sears mergers and acquisitions, and profitability analyses and predictions to the suits. Let’s look at the appliances you can get from the giant retailer and how they perform in the kitchen and living areas. Sears sells refrigerators, washers, and dryers, freezers and ice makers vacuums, ranges, and ovens.

Sears does not manufacture these products. Still, the company gets it right by delivering products from reliable and reputable brands. If you bought any of Sears appliances, you might have appreciated the setup and installation that was part of the package. You might have loved the comprehensive warranty covers and personable customer service.

Like everything, though, the kitchen and home appliances’ performance and efficiency often decline with time. It’s like old age and what it does to our bones and skin. A little exercise, a little doctor consultation, and diet improvement here and there could keep you young forever. It’s the same with your fridges, air-cons, ranges, and other utilities from Sears.

Clean them, dry them, call Appliance Cowboys for inspections, repairs, and replacements every once in a while—and you are guaranteed to squeeze the most value and durability from your investment. At Appliance Cowboys, helping you live a life of comfort and convenience is what we do. Don’t scrape it. We can save it. We can save you the leaks, bursts, cracks, blips, bugs, lags, and other frustrations with your Sears appliances. Contact us for professional, timely, and pocket-friendly appliance repair services.

Sears Refrigerator Repair

You need your Sears refrigerator to be in the best condition for the right food storage. Glitches can result in food wastage that, in turn, hit you hard in the wallet. Sears refrigerators come from big brands such as Summit, Electrolux, and Danby. Regular cleaning and filter changes could help your fridge last longer.

Sears Refrigerator Repair

Sears refrigerators problems to look out for

Fridge leaking water

Yours might be the case of a clogged drain, as we have seen in many models from Sears. If there is freezing in the defrost drain, water will overflow from the drain basin and leak through the compartment to the down. Try flushing the drain and removing the ice. If the leaky issue persists, the leak could be coming from a water tank assembly. Call the pros. 

Fridge not cooling

This is one of the many issues customers call us about. All that you might need to do is clean the condenser coils. If that doesn’t jumpstart the cooling function, please call for professional assistance. The evaporator or condenser motor may need replacing. It could also be a technical glitch with the thermostat or start capacitor, both of which need replacing. 

If you notice these issues, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears refrigerator repair.

Sears Dryer Repair

Is yours an electric, gas, or steam dryer? Sears sells a diverse range of these appliances, and they are known for ample capacity and faster drying time. But to get the right performance from these appliances, maintenance should be part of your daily routine. Clean debris and dirt from the vent, clean the lint screen, and have the plastic exhaust vents replaced with metal.


Sears Dryer Repair

Sears dryer problems to watch out for

Dryer fails to tumble

The common cause of this issue is a broken or worn-out dryer belt. A defective belt cannot turn the drum, and so the problem often requires belt replacement. You will likely need professional assistance to accurately diagnose the issue and find the right belt for the replacement.

Dryer does not turn on

Check to see if it’s plugged in. If you have a voltmeter, confirm that the socket is working as well. The solution to the issue could be as easy as switching on to another wall outlet. Other causes for the problem include a defective door switch, a faulty push to start switch, or a blown thermal fuse. These components will often require replacing.

If you notice these signs, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears dryer repair. We will bring our repair clinic to your doorstep.

Sears Wall Oven Repairs

Sears ovens are mostly from the Kenmore brand. Customers report getting great discounts and decent performance from these cookware appliances. For the right and consistent performance, your oven needs regular cleaning. It would be wise to prevent spillages as well and to maintain and lubricate the blower motor.

Sears Wall Oven Repairs

Sears wall oven problems to look out for

The oven doesn’t heat 

For your electric sears wall oven, failure to heat is often due to a faulty heating element. Check to confirm whether the element glows when the oven is turned on. If it’s not glowing red, that’s a sign that it is burned out and needs replacing. 

Oven not cooking evenly 

You may notice that some areas of your food are baked, roasted, or toasted more than others. That’s a symptom of faulty temperature controls in the oven, and it can significantly undermine your cooking activities. The most common cause of this issue is a defective sensor. You can have that replaced for the proper functioning of your oven. 

If you notice these signs, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears oven repair. We provide same-day services at discounted rates.

Sears Dishwasher Repair

Sears provide free installation for their dishwashers, so that’s not something to worry about. The models are from leading brands, and all have unique technologies for faster cleaning and drying. You can keep these appliances in tip-top shape by cleaning filters, spray arms,  doors, and seals. Caring for your dishwasher can save you a great amount of money down the line.

Sears Dishwasher Repair

Sears dishwasher problems to look out for

Dishwasher lights blinking 

Most likely, the heating element is burnt out, and the machine needs replacement. If you have a multimeter, test it for continuity. If it has none, it’s probably time to call in the experts. Specialists may also determine whether the issue results from a  burned-out heating element assembly or if the dishwasher needs a new drain pump. 

The appliance doesn’t clean

Are the dishes coming out dirty? There are many potential reasons, from a clogged water inlet valve to a broken water pump belt or a clogged wash arm assembly. Before you call the repairman, first clean and de-clog the appliance’s components, if that doesn’t work, some of these parts may need replacing. 

If you notice any of these signs, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears dishwasher repair. Our prompt and guaranteed services will save you huge amounts of money.

Sears Cooktop Repair

Sears cooktops include electric and induction models from Kenmore and other brands. The retailer provides models from brands with fair price points. Installation is a non-issue with these appliances, and you get a diverse range of sizes for your culinary requirements. Regular cleaning and the prevention of spills are some of the advisable care practices for your Sears cooktops. For more maintenance tips, refer to the product manual.

Sears Cooktop Repair

Sear cooktop problems to look out for

Burner doesn’t light 

The spark module could be defective in your Sears electric cooktop. This component supplies power to the spark electrode in each of the burners. If it is defective, the appliance won’t work. You will need to replace it. It can also be that the ignition switch is faulty and is thus cutting off voltage from the spark module. Experts can help to ascertain the cause of the problem. 

Cannot adjust the temperature on the burners

Without easy temperature adjustment on your Sears Kenmore cooktops, meal preparation becomes a stressful task. The problem often stems from a damaged infinite switch. This switch regulates heating temperatures and is directly connected to the adjustment dial. If it’s faulty, you will need to replace it. 

If you notice these symptoms, call Appliance Cowboys to fix your Sears cooktops. We have the techniques and tools to deliver superb cooktop repair services.

Sears Range Repair

Sears’s ranges are affordable in many ways as they are sourced from numerous manufacturers. If you have any of these ranges, you might like their fuel or energy efficiency and the cooking flexibility that they make possible. Your Sears range can be a lifetime investment. It just needs proper maintenance and prompt repairs.

Sears Range Repair

Sears range problems to look out for

The surface element cannot turn off

If you encounter this issue with a kitchen appliance from sears, check if there are any signs of damage outside the surface element. The source of the problem could also be a shorted surface element or a damaged surface element switch. In any case, these components must be replaced. 

Stove burner cannot light

Among the possible reasons for that include a faulty spark module, a damaged ignition switch, or a defective spark electrode. When these parts break or wear out, they fail to create the spark needed for lighting the burning. Before replacing these parts, you might want to check the burner head for clogs caused by spills—clean and clear the ports and see if it solves the problem. 

If you notice these symptoms, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears range repair. We are available seven days a week to answer your calls.

Sears Garbage Disposal Repair

A garbage disposer means less trash and a fresh and odorless kitchen. Like all the other appliances, homeowners consider disposers from the Sears brand as comparatively more affordable, durable, and efficient. Fixing garbage disposal glitches as soon as they pop up can guarantee the appliance’s best performance for many years.

Sears Garbage Disposal Repair

Sears garbage disposal problems to look out for

Loud noises

If you hear loud strange noises from the machine, give it a close look. The shredding plate could be loose and wobbly, or the blade could be stuck. The problem could also be a cranky motor that needs servicing or replacement. Before you trash or replace anything, ask the experts.


Your garbage disposer from sears might start to leak if the O ring and gasket seals need replacing. It’s a sign that you need to give your appliance some TLC to prolong its life. Sometimes, replacing the seals is an easy DIY job for any Jane or John Doe. Other times, the job needs expert hands on deck. 

If you notice these signs, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears garbage disposer repair. Our services are available in Houston and Greater Houston areas.

Sears Ice Maker Repair

Having the capacity to make your ice at home can be incredibly convenient. It saves you from the costs of buying and stocking ice. It guarantees that you and your guests would have an ice-cold beverage when you need it. The Sears ice maker delivers on these conveniences and more. Regular cleaning, de-clogging, and filter changes may help you get the best performance from the machine.

Sears Ice Maker Repair

Sears ice maker problems to watch out for

Ice maker not making ice

The water inlet valve of your appliance could be defective. This valve opens and closes to let water to the dispenser. If it is faulty in its electric or pressure controlled parts, water will not pass through. That means that there will be nothing for the machine to make ice with. A replacement of the valve always fixes the issue. 

Ice maker leaking 

Check the water supply line for kinks and ensure that the fill cup is well aligned. If that doesn’t solve the issue, call an experienced technician. Your ice maker’s leaks could be coming from a badly installed water pump, loose or worn out pipes, condensed drains, or clogged valves. 

If you notice these signs, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears ice maker repair. We have all the authentic parts in stock to revive the full functionality of your ice maker.

Sears Vent Hood Repair

Range hoods or vent hoods, as they are popularly known, are nifty kitchen appliances. They clean the air free of toxins, dissipate excess heat out of the kitchen, and enhance lighting. Cleaning the air filter, fan blades, and vents can improve the performance and durability of your vent hood from sears.

Sears Vent Hood Repair

Sears vent hood problem to look out for

Humming/loud noises

After a period of a glitchless performance, your vent hood from Sears can suddenly start humming or making rattling noises. The sounds signify a faulty motor that may need replacing. The symptom could also result from the motor rubbing against an obstacle such as vent housing that is pressing too close. 

The vent hood is not working 

The range hood is at its highest setting, but smoke is not clearing from the kitchen. Once again, the motor may be defective and in need of replacement. Before replacing it, though, check to ensure that there is no clogging or obstruction in the vent hood and that the air filter is clean. 

If you notice these signs, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears vent hood repair. Our trained staff will fix the problem quickly and cost-effectively.

Sears Wine Cooler Repair

Sears wine coolers are easy to maintain. The simplicity of their functioning also makes them much more affordable than cellars and fridges. To keep your wine cooler in good shape, install it in a well-ventilated area of the room. Clean it regularly and change the filters occasionally.

Sears Wine Cooler Repair

Sears wine cooler problems to look out for

Wine cooler not cooling

Most likely, the condenser fan has stopped working. If this component is faulty, there will be no cooling mechanism for the condenser and condenser coil. When the fan is not working, the condenser could overheat, warming the cabinet’s whole interior and your precious wine. The old fan will need to be replaced with a new one to fix the problem. 

Wine cooler making loud noises

All wine coolers operate with some level of humming sound, but if that turns too loud, there is a problem. Loud noises from your Sears wine cooler indicate mechanical or electrical issues with the parts. It could be a faulty compressor, damaged fan blades, or defective power supply parts. 

If you notice these signs, call Appliance Cowboys to your Sears wine cooler repair.

Call Appliance Cowboys for same-day repairs

There is simply no time to wait. Waiting means food spoilage. It means doing the dishes by hand, wearing yesterday’s clothes, or ordering costly takeout. And the longer that you wait, the more the problem worsens. Contact Appliance Cowboys for same-day repair services for your Sears appliances. We will not keep you waiting. 

Our customer service is available to speak to you seven days of the week. You can call us anytime for emergency repair services for your fridge, dishwasher, oven, range, and other appliances. Don’t worry about logistics. We will come to your place fully equipped to deliver quality repair services.

Our difference is a deep brand experience. We have worked with all the brands for home appliances and have expertly trained technicians. We don’t fumble around; we do a comprehensive assessment and give an accurate diagnosis. The repair approach we choose is one that is not only less costly for you but also a reliable long term solution for the problem. And our services are guaranteed—so that means that you can call us again and again for the same issue at no extra cost. 

Don’t wait. Call us at 713-391-4475.

We Work on All Appliance Types and Brands

Our trained technicians provide guaranteed appliance repair. We work on freestanding and built-in wine coolers by Koldfront, EdgeStar, Danby, Summit, Magic Chef, Marvel, U-line, Haier, Avanti, Amana, Maytag, Amcor, Artevino, Bosch, Cuisinart, Electrolux, Emerson, Frigidaire, GE, Jenn-Air, Sears, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Samsung, Sub Zero, Wolf and more. Call us for the reliable wine cooler repair Houston residents count on.

Brands We Repair

We provide top notch maintenance service for all types of vehicles. We are certified to service and repair the following makes:

Our Appliance Repair Services

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of appliance repair services. We offer a full range from refrigerator repair to oven repair, dryer repair, and dishwasher repair. See Appliance Cowboys' full list of appliance repair services below. If you name it, we can repair it! We will even get your cat that is stuck in the tree.

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair
If you live in Houston or surrounding areas and seek an honest & reliable refrigerator repair company look no further. Appliance Cowboys specializes in all types and brands of refrigerators.  We do all the popular brands and luxury like Thermador and Dacor.

Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair Houston

Appliance Cowboys experienced and professional technicians provide effective dryer repair. We provide professional and reliable service to ensure your dryer can do its job right. 

Oven Repair

Oven Repair

When your oven stops working, don’t hesitate to contact us. At appliance Cowboys, we understand the frustration when your oven is giving you problems. We offer same day appliance repair so our trained professionals can fix your oven fast so you can get cooking!

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher repair

If you are looking for a dishwasher repair company, the search is over. We have skilled technicians that are fully capable of fixing any dishwasher trouble you may be having. Don’t keep mopping up leaks or hand washing your dishes. Call us right away for same day dishwasher repair.

Cooktop Repair

Cooktop repair Houston

We will be there for you when problems arise and you need a cooktop repair. Whether you have an induction, ceramic, gas, or electric cooktop, Appliance Cowboys will repair it guaranteed.

Range Repair

Range repair

If your range stops working, you need reliable repair that is completed quickly. Our technicians can provide you with same-day service and provide fast repairs, so you can go back to enjoying your kitchen.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals make your life easier and less messy. Having to clean food residue from the sink is not ideal. If you need garbage disposal repair in Houston we can help. Our plumbers can take care of all your repair or replacement needs.

Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Trying to cook in a smoke or steam filled kitchen is near impossible. That’s why a working vent hood is so important. If your Vent Hood is giving you problems, call Appliance Cowboys for fast and reliable repairs.

Vent Hood Repair

Vent Hood Repair

Trying to cook in a smoke or steam filled kitchen is near impossible. That’s why a working vent hood is so important. If your Vent Hood is giving you problems, call Appliance Cowboys for fast and reliable repairs.

Wine Cooler Repair

Wine Cooler Repair

We understand the importance of keeping your wine at the perfect temperature. We are a leading wine cooler repair company for Houston and surrounding areas. No matter the size or brand of your wine cooler, we can fix it.

Sub Zero Repair

Sub Zero Repair Houston

We focus on all elements of Sub Zero repair work and we are a #1 repair company for all high-end appliances. Our specialists are prepared to serve you whether you need maintenance in your house or in your workplace.

Washer Repair

Washer Repair

We understand the urgency when you have 3 weeks load of laundry to for the family and Monday is around the corner. Our professional and experienced technicians specialize in washer repair for all major brands.

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