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Signs It’s Time To Service Your Washing Machine And Dryer

Your home would not feel complete without a washing machine and dryer. These vital home appliances will come in handy in doing your laundry. Regrettably, washers & dryers won’t last forever, and they’ll require replacing after some time. Nonetheless, it might not be easy to know the lifespan of your washer and dryer, so the next best thing is to have it serviced often.

Read on to find out the signs that determine whether it’s time to service your washer and dryer:


Leakages in your washer and dryer could result from several factors; therefore, it would be best to book an inspection with a washer and dryer repair service to understand the situation better. While water damage might not sound serious, it would be best to call a professional when you notice any leakages. Once they assess the situation, they will service it or recommend a replacement.

Noisy operation

The other prevalent sign that your washing machine and dryer require servicing is making a lot of noise when working. Besides, you might find your washer and dryer wandering around the laundry area.

This simply means they are slowly moving as they vibrate and make loud noises. Related problems, including loose drum components or motor, cause inappropriate motion and noise, which are signs that the machine requires servicing.

Alone, motion isn’t really a big deal, though it could cause the dryer to detach from the vent hose or the washer to disconnect from the hose that brings in water. These two circumstances could cause a huge mess with water leaks, dust, and lint.

Meanwhile, a detached vent hose will cause toxic fumes to access your home if you own a gas dryer instead of moving outside.

Slow operation

Similar to a washer or dryer having cycle mistakes, your machine’s inefficient computerized parts might lead to the dryer taking a long time even to dry the smallest loads. Perhaps, it could be an inoperable heating element that’s not warming your dryer as it should to dry your laundry on time.

Again, it might be a venting problem, which might turn dangerous if not properly checked by a professional appliance repairing technician. If the vent hose is blocked, using your dryer can present a huge fire risk.

Improper filling

When your washer doesn’t fill adequately, it’s time to have it serviced. Since more modern, high-effective washing machines utilize less water, it might be challenging initially to know whether it’s a water-filling issue. On the other hand, if you see that your clothes have stains after a complete wash cycle, you could be having water-filling issues.

That said, you won’t notice your machine leaking since the water problem could be because of problems with the progression of the cycles. Currently, most washing machines are computerized; thus, there’s a chance that their issues, like power surges, could interfere with the programming.

Dryer or washer repair experts nowadays have dedicated gear to identify if your washer or dryer has an electronic failure.

Old age

While your washer or dryer might function well, despite its old age, it would be best to service it often, especially if you have been using it for a long. Specifically, a washer or dryer is too old to use when it’s over a decade old. At this point, they begin having more issues and will need more repairs and maintenance compared to when they are new.

Burning smell

blonde female next to washing machine dirty laundry basket

As with any electronic appliance in your home, you can never ignore a burning smell from your dryer. This smell could be due to a lint basket that requires changing, though that might not always be the issue. Besides, this smell could also be due to the dryer hose being clogged or broken, thus hindering hot air from getting out.

If you can’t identify and repair the issue, it would be best to immediately turn it off and call a technician. Even if it might be a symptom of a minor problem, this smell could also translate to fire risk.

An expert will be able to find the source of the problem, fix it, and reduce the risk of a fire at your home.

Strange noises

While we have mentioned the noisy operation above, this point is slightly different. Your washing machine and dryer can make weird noises when working, precisely if the load is off-balance. Hence, if your washing machine offers load-balancing, loud noises might not be a sign of trouble.

Double-check whether the washer and dryer are levels. They both feature adjustable feet, which come in handy in stabilizing the machine on uneven surfaces, though these feet can loosen and need adjusting over time.

Unfortunately, if your machine frequently makes many weird noises and you know it’s not because of load imbalance or unevenness, it’s likely something more serious is causing it, like a loose motor or loose dryer drum.

At times, these issues can be fixed, and it’s affordable, so it is important to have a reliable washer and dryer repair service who will service it or recommend replacement.

How long should a washer or dryer last?

This is a difficult question to answer since some producers claim that their appliances last longer than others. However, a washer or dryer will generally go for about a decade. Therefore, if you find your washer or dryer has served you for more than 10 years, it’s time to make a change. Particularly if your current dryer or washer has been having issues for some time now.

Consulting a professional

If you have seen any of the signs mentioned above or have different reasons to believe your washer or dryer needs servicing or repair, reach out to a reliable washer and dryer repair company.

A washer and dryer maintenance near me? It would be best to leave the washer and dryer repair to a professional.

How about a washer and dryer repair, Houston? Here you’ll find reliable companies with professionals who will properly assess your washer and dryer and service it or recommend replacing it. Either way, they won’t leave your home without offering you a proper solution.

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