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Bunn Coffee and Tea Maker Repair

Commercial Expertise

The Brand Trusted by Restaurants & Cafés Worldwide

Some of the world’s largest foodservice brands rely on BUNN equipment to serve high-quality beverages every day. Our reputation is built upon BUNN innovations in coffee brewing. Today, the BUNN equipment portfolio is designed, engineered, and managed by teams headquartered in Springfield, IL USA.

Whether it’s equipment for the most demanding commercial settings or the best cup at home in your kitchen, we are driven by an entrepreneurial DNA to relentlessly pursue the highest quality in the cup for every serving occasion and to use our success to make the world a better place for our customers and our families.

Our home coffee makers are built from this tradition and passion. BUNN home coffee makers bring the flavor and quality of the café-style coffee you love directly to the comfort of your home.

Family Owned

BUNN is not only a recognized manufacturer; Bunn is also a family name. Over 170 years ago, Jacob Bunn opened his grocery store in a developing Springfield, IL, USA, and a young Abe Lincoln was one of the first customers. That venture grew into Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company and was later managed by George R. Bunn who founded a beverage equipment division in the late 1950s and officially incorporated Bunn-O-Matic in the early 1960s.

Today, the company remains privately held and family-owned through five generations. Arthur “Hy” Bunn has been the President and CEO since 1988, assuming overall management and leadership of the worldwide beverage equipment company that his father founded.

In the mid-1970’s the first BUNN home coffee maker was launched, Spring boarding from the expertise that was propelling the growth of the commercial equipment division at that time.

Today, the home collection continues to evolve with the changing needs of the customer without sacrificing the exclusive and unique brewing process that results in the smooth, rich taste that has become the trademark of a BUNN home coffee maker.

From the Bunn family to your family, we are honored to share a cup with you.

Coffee Focused

It all started with coffee. From the first commercial pour-over brewer to our coffee makers in homes today, our passion has always been brewing the best cup of coffee possible. Since the 1950s, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making advances in the field of coffee brewing. Whether that’s inventing the first-ever flat bottom coffee filter or designing a unique water displacement brewing process that makes coffee available faster than any other 10-cup home coffee maker, our list of industry-leading innovations continues to grow.

BUNN home coffee makers are built to do one thing: brew a delicious cup of coffee reliably…. every day. Every feature is engineered with a focus on that final pour of coffee from a coffee maker that brews purely and without gimmicks. Appliance Cowboys is your one-stop-shop for Bunn coffee maker repair and Bunn tea maker repair! Give us a call if you are a restaurant, hotel, or gas station that needs a commercial coffee or tea maker repair technician at (713)-391-4475.

Bunn DUAL Soft Heat DBC Repair

Bunn DUAL Soft Heat DBC Series

The BUNN DUAL SH DBC satellite coffee brewer(33500.0004) brews 1⁄2, 1, or 11⁄2-gallon batches. This piece can brew as much as 19.3 gallons per hour and has no hot surfaces in the coffee holding area. Once the target temperature is achieved, its heat control shuts off automatically. Its SplashGard® funnels protects employees’ hands, while its energy-saver mode lowers the tank temperature when business is slow.

Product Details

  • Part of the BrewWISE® series
  • Dual Soft Heat®
  • Wireless brewer-grinder interface available through Smart Funnel
  • Stores various flavor and coffee profiles with dedicated features
  • Adjustable water volume
  • Pulse brew and pre-infusion timing
  • Advanced diagnostic tools facilitate service
  • Brews 19.8 gal. per hour
  • Durable stainless steel smart funnels

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 18 in. W x 12.2 in. D x 35.8 in. H
  • 29.1 A, 6800 W
  • 120/240 V/60 Hz/1 ph
Bunn ITB Iced TeA Repair

Bunn ITB Iced TeA series

Holding 3 to 5 gallons of tea, the Bunn ITB iced tea brewer (41400.0002) is a great addition to a buffet line, banquet hall, or restaurant where large amounts of tea will be served. During busy times, this unit can brew 16.3 to 26.7 gallons per hour for back-to-back brewing. To brew various recipes, it has three buttons, and a two-button overlay lets operators customize the user interface. Using digital controls, the temperature in this tea dispenser can be adjusted.

The Bunn ITB iced tea brewer (41400.0002) is designed to brew into two BUNN 3.5-gallon narrow tea dispensers, which can be purchased separately. To help operators align the brew baskets, the brewer includes color-coded decals that also help customers choose the right selection between sweet or unsweet tea. Reducing the risk of burns during use, the SplashGard® funnel sends hot liquids away from the user’s hand. 

Product Details

  • Part of the Infusion® series
  • 3-5-gal. capacity
  • Brews 16.3-26.7-gal. per hr.
  • 3 recipe buttons
  • Digital temperature control
  • 2-button graphic overlay enables interface customization
  • Includes rotating brew basket, base platform adapter, brew selection switch, and dedicated dilution nozzles
  • Color-coded decals
  • SplashGard protects users from burns
  • Quickbrew funnel tip included
  • Brews into (2) 3.5-gal. BUNN narrow dispensers (sold separately)
  • Ideal incoming water pressure: 20-90 PSI
  • 1⁄4-in. male flare fitting

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 12.2 in. W x 22.6 in. D x 34 in. H
  • 14 A, 1,700 W
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph, cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug
Bunn G9-2T DBC Grinder Repair

Bunn G9-2T DBC Grinder Series

The Bunn G9-2T DBC commercial coffee grinder (33700.0001) is designed with two hoppers that each hold 3 pounds of beans, enabling operators to freshly grind both regular and decaf coffee with one unit. Each hopper can produce three batch sizes, with portion control ensuring the precise amount each time. Its precision burrs offer a smooth, consistent grind.

The Bunn G9-2T DBC coffee grinder (33700.0001) stores individual coffee grind profiles for convenient, precise results. Its wireless interface is compatible with the Dual Soft Heat® DBC brewer. With a width of 8 inches, it doesn’t take up much space on a countertop. 

Product Details

  • 6-lb. capacity per hopper
  • Compact enough to sit on a countertop
  • 2 transparent hoppers merchandise beans and enable employees to monitor fill level
  • Stores individual coffee grind profiles
  • 3 batch size options per hopper and precise portion control
  • Funnel sold separately

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 8 in. W x 18 in. D x 25 in H
  • 9.4 A, 1128 W
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph, cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug

Common Problems

  • Over or Under Dispensing the correct amount or weight of amount of ground coffee desired.
  • Grinder not dispensing due to bad timer or Motor Jammed.
  • Broken or damaged Hopper canister .
Bunn H5X Description Repair

Bunn H5X Description(hot water dispenser series)

The BUNN H5X hot water dispenser operates from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit with digital temperature controls. Tank insulation keeps heat in the unit to ensure properly warmed product. A programmable mode saves energy during idle periods, and the unit saves countertop space.

Product Details

  • 5-gal. capacity
  • Digital thermostat
  • Temperature range: 60-212 degrees F
  • Thinsulate® insulation in the tank retains heat and saves energy
  • Programmable energy-saving mode reduces costs during idle periods
  • Modern, space-saving design

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 7.4 in. W x 18.9 in. D x 28.5 in. H
  • 15.4 A, 1850 W
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph
Bunn ICB-DV Airpot Brewer Repair

Bunn ICB-DV Airpot Brewer Series

The BUNN ICB-DV Infusion Series® coffee brewer (36600.0000) brews into air pots ranging from 84 to 128 ounces, can connect to a water line for fast brewing, and has 3-gallon tank water can be poured into. Half-batch and full-batch buttons have programmable settings, keeping batches consistent and leaving little room for operator error. To fully extract flavor from the grounds, this brewer offers pre-infusion and pulse brew settings.

The BUNN ICB-DV infusion coffee brewer (36600.0000) has a digital display that walks users through pulse brewing. Communicating in English or Spanish, this display uses metric or imperial measurements. If left in a lobby or at a drink station, the display can be customized to show advertising messages, and during slow periods, the brewer has an energy-saving mode that lowers the temperature of the tank.

Product Details

  • 3-gal. tank capacity
  • Three brew buttons
  • Programmable half-batch and full-batch switches
  • Pulse display simplifies pulse brewing
  • Pre-infusion and pulse brew features help extract flavor from the grounds
  • Sleep mode helps save energy without shutting off the unit
  • Digital display works in English or Spanish, with imperial or metric measurements
  • Display shows advertisements and machine status
  • Dual voltage
  • 3⁄8-in. male flare water connection
  • Compatible with BUNNlink®

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 10.19 in. W x 23.16 in. D x 26.01 in. H
  • 14/13.8/16.8 A, 1700/2900/4050 W
  • 120, 208, 240 V/60 Hz/1 ph
Bunn Dual Thermal Fresh DBC Repair

Bunn Dual Thermal Fresh DBC series

The BUNN DUAL TF DBC dual satellite digital coffee brewer (34600.0001) can brew 18.9 gallons of coffee per hour, which is perfect for high-volume establishments such as coffee houses and cafés. A pre-infusion process and batch sizes as large as 1.5 gallons ensures that the venue will always have fresh, hot coffee on demand. An included hot water faucet provides hot water for tea, cocoa, or other drinks at the push of a switch. The pulse brew function, digital temperature control, and large spray head ensure flavor control for many types of coffee. A variable bypass enables the operator to carefully control the strength of the coffee.

Users can customize the brewing experience with the BUNN DUAL TF DBC satellite digital coffee brewer (34600.0001) by creating unique recipes and ad cards that display on the machine’s LCD screen. Controlling the pulse routine is straightforward with the user-friendly pulse interface. The coffee machine’s custom settings can be programmed using a Windows® compatible PC. This unit can store a variety of recipes, enabling the operator to quickly switch from one brew style to another. The compatible ThermoFresh® servers are vacuum insulated to keep coffee hot for hours, but they are sold separately.

Product Details

  • 18.9-gal. brew capacity per hr.
  • Variable bypass controls coffee strength
  • Create custom recipe cards
  • Store custom recipes for fast access
  • Display ad card messages on the built-in LCD screen
  • SplashGard® funnels and funnel locks deflect hot liquids away from the user
  • Energy-saver mode reduces overhead costs by reducing tank temperature during idle times
  • Vacuum-sealed ThermoFresh servers sold separately

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 21.8 in. W x 23.8 in. D x 35.7 in. H
  • 27.5 A, 6600 W
  • 120-240 V/60 Hz
  • Plumbing requirements: 20-90 PSI; 3⁄8 male flare fitting
  • Recommended input
Bunn CWTF Decanter Repair

Bunn CWTF Decanter Series

The BUNN CWTF15-2 low-volume decanter coffee maker (12950.0211) features an upper and lower warmer to keep coffee warm and a hot water faucet, useful for additional drinks such as tea. Able to brew 3.8 gallons of coffee an hour, this unit is suited for café use and has a durable, stainless steel design that resists scratches. Its SplashGard® funnel ensures hot liquids do not splash out and burn the user.

Product Details

  • Brews 3.8 gal. per hour
  • Stainless steel construction with a black plastic funnel
  • Hot water faucet
  • Lower and upper warmers for optimum warming
  • SplashGard protects users from burns
  • Decanters sold separately
  • 1⁄4-in., male flare water connection for automatic refilling
  • Pourover feature for manual refilling
Bunn VP27-3 Pour Over Repair

Bunn VP27-3 Pour Over Series

Bunn VP17-3 BLACK Description

The BUNN VP17-3 BLACK coffee maker (13300.0013) brews as many as (62) 8-ounce cups per hour. Its pourover design does not require plumbing and is therefore portable. Accommodating decanters with products of varying temperatures, the three lower warmers are each controlled individually. A SplashGard® funnel protects against injury by directing hot liquids away from the user. To provide corrosion resistance, the funnel is made of black plastic.

Product Details

  • Can brew (62) 8-oz. cups per hr.
  • Pourover design does not require plumbing, enabling portability
  • 3 lower warmers are individually controlled
  • SplashGard® funnel directs hot liquids away from the user
  • The funnel is made of black plastic

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 16.2 in. W x 18.8 in. D x 17.3 in. H
  • 13.9 A, 1670 W
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph, cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug

Common Problems

  • No Power to brewer due to power surge or major power problems could damage the following ; thermostat (HI-LIMIT) switch or electrical terminals. These should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Brewer is over dispensing check for scaled up or missing sprayhead.
  • Heating plate does not turn on or is not hot enough.
Bunn BrewWISE GPR DBC 18.9 Gallon Dual Coffee Brewer Repair

Bunn BrewWISE GPR DBC 18.9 Gallon Dual Coffee Brewer –

Bunn 35900.0010 Details

Ensure you always have hot, delicious coffee on hand with the Bunn 35900.0010 BrewWISE Single GPR DBC coffee brewer! This unit produces up to 18.9 gallons of quality coffee per hour, and its ability to store individual coffee recipes makes it easy for any employee in your commercial establishment to make a delicious brew. Convenient display alerts let you know when the freshness timer has expired and warmers are shutting off, indicating it’s time to make a fresh pot!


This reliable machine boasts a controlled extraction process utilizing pre-infusion and Pulse-Brew technologies, as well as digital temperature control. Plus, coffee strength can be controlled with the unit’s variable by-pass! A splash guard funnel and optional funnel locks help to increase user safety, and built-in diagnostic service tools allow you to easily troubleshoot all switches and electrical components right from the unit’s front panel.

This unit is also a part of Bunn’s BrewWISE system, which stores information like the flavor of coffee being ground and the batch size within a chip inside compatible brew funnels, so that when you take that funnel from a BrewWISE grinder to brew it, the brewer can read exactly what coffee was ground and dispense the correct amount of water for that flavor profile. This communication between your coffee equipment removes a lot of the potential for guesswork and takes the burden of remembering complex recipes off of your employees, delivering consistent, flavorful coffee with minimal effort.

The Bunn 35900.0010 requires a 120/208-240V electrical connection and must be hardwired; it does not come with a cord and plug. Two 1.5 gallon servers are included. 

Bunn IMIX-5 BLK HW Powdered Cappuccino Dispenser Repair

Bunn iMIX-5 BLK HW Powdered Cappuccino Dispenser series

Bunn 37000.0022 Details 

This Bunn 37000.0022 iMIX-5 BLK HW powdered cappuccino dispenser with 5 hoppers features a large, lighted display that draws customers’ attention to your hot, fresh cappuccino! Its top hinged lift door offers additional space-saving efficiency so that you don’t require as much countertop space around the unit. This dispenser features five 8 lb. hoppers that let you serve a variety of different flavors in your convenience store, coffee shop, or cafeteria style restaurant.


This hot beverage dispenser’s high speed, heavy-duty whipper system ensures full flavor yield and complete product mixing, meaning no more clumps in your customers’ cups! An alphanumeric digital display allows for simple operation and also communicates advertising messages, machine status, and technical support information, while the hot water dispensing option can be conveniently used for soups and other hot drinks. This powdered cappuccino dispenser requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

Bunn BrewWISE ITCB-Twin HV Infusion Series Twin High Volume Tea And Coffee Brewer Repair

Bunn BrewWISE ITCB-Twin HV Infusion Series Twin High Volume Tea and Coffee Brewer series

This unit features a large 5.5 gallon tank so you can brew multiple batches of tea and coffee back to back, up to 18.9 gallons of coffee per hour or 26.7 gallons of iced tea per hour. It brews into 1.0 and 1.5 gallon Bunn ThermoFresh coffee servers (sold separately) as well as TD4T, TDO, and TDO-N tea dispensers (sold separately). You can even specifically brew iced coffee with the unit’s dilution feature!

Specialized Brewing Technology

The ITCB-Twin HV boasts Bunn’s special BrewWISE technology that uses pre-infusion and pulse brew techniques to ensure the best possible coffee flavor, and preparing grounds is a snap thanks to the Smart Funnel that easily communicates with your Bunn DBC coffee grinder (not included). When brewing tea, the integrated dilution nozzle and Quick Brew funnel help to create a bold, refreshing blend.

Convenient Dual Design

Each side of the unit can brew tea or coffee, so you can easily switch between a combined tea and coffee setup to brewing two batches of the same beverage. Each side of the brewer can be programmed to store up to six separate brewing profiles, and can brew full or half batches.

Efficient Operation

For maximum convenience, the tank ultimately enters energy saver mode during idle periods and monitors the temperature of the brew.

Bilingual Display

Make it easier for various employees to operate the machine, as the Bunn 43100.0000 features a bilingual digital display in English and Spanish.

Product Details

  • Amps – 25.8 Amps
  • Hertz – 60 Hertz
  • Phase – 1 Phase
  • Voltage – 120/240
  • Wattage – 6,000 Watts
  • Brewer Type – Bulk Dispenser
  • Capacity – 5.5 Gallons
  • Color – Black Silver
  • Hot Water Faucet – Yes
  • NSF Listed – Yes
  • Power Type – Electric
  • Pressure – 20 – 90 PSI
  • Style – Double
  • Type – Coffee and Tea Brewers
  • Water Source – Direct Connection

Common Problems

  • If you notice “Heating” on the display but the water is still cool or heating too slow there could be a variety of causes. The brewer could have an open heating element, bad wiring or other electrical issues. These should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Not Dispensing or Over Dispensing . Possible issues could be related to open or blocked, leaking valves , water supply shut off, filter clogged.
  • No Power to Display due to power surge or major power problems could damage the following ; thermostat ,inlet valve terminals or universal control module. These should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Extremely hot temperatures, resulting in water to boil or overflow, due to sensor that has shorted to ground, or it’s reading that the temperature in the heating tank is above 210°F due to a faulty universal power module (UPM) or shorted triac .These issues should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Brewer is over dispensing, Scaled/ blocked or missing faucet.
  • Water tank open probe failure can cause unleveled water in the tank thus not dispensing,overflowing or not heating.
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