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Commercial Coffee & Tea Maker Repair

Commercial coffee makers have evolved from the simple kettle-on-a-hot-plate design into highly complex pieces of equipment, and they keep getting more and more complicated. Considering how important these machines are, whether in your restaurant, hotel, café, or home, it’s always of utmost importance that they are running as they should and providing everyone with their caffeine fix.

That’s where Appliance Cowboys comes in. Our staff of highly trained, certified, and experienced commercial coffer brewer specialists is always on hand to respond to your repair and maintenance needs. To help you keep the good stuff flowing, here are a couple of common issues your unit might have and what might be causing them. You can take care of some issues if you’re the handy type, but whenever in doubt, be sure to call in the pros!

Brewer Not Turning On

Brewer not turning on

Should you try and start your coffee machine and not give any sign of activity, there are a few things you can check on to get things working right once again.

  • Take a look and see whether the machine is securely plugged in to a working power outlet. If this seems to be in order, you might need to take a look at the fuse box in case a fuse has been tripped.
  • Should your brewer be a model equipped with an electronic timer, your timer settings might be set to sleep mode. Confirm whether or not this is the case and make the necessary adjustments to have your coffee flowing once again

No coffee production

Should you flip the switch and see nothing coming out of your machine, fear not – the problem might be a very simple one. Try and check these possible problem areas to take care of this particular type of issue.

  • Take a look at the water source tubing and setup. The water needs to be turned on and active (check a faucet to ensure water is actually getting into the building). Go on to check and see that there are no leakages or drips in the water supply systems leading to the coffee machine.
  • Check to see that the proper filter baskets are in place and that the coffee grind is neither too fine nor too coarse for the machine. You might also do well to check and see that the unit’s pump s functioning as it should and that the pressure gauge reads at approximately 9 bars (or your system’s preferred operational settings).

Coffee grounds present in your cup

You should never have to deal with coffee grounds in your good cup of coffee, but this is an easily rectified situation if you know what to look for. These are the possible causes of the inconvenience.

  • You will need to take a good look at your coffee filters and their holders in particular, as these are the ones primarily responsible for keeping the grounds from dropping into your cup as the coffee liquid itself passes through. Check to see that the filters themselves are in place and that their holders have the appropriate filter basket. These holders should also be I good condition, meaning that they are not worn out or showing any sign of leakage.
Brewer Is Steaming Even When Not In Use

Brewer is steaming even when not in use

This can be a rather troubling development to notice in your coffee maker’s behavior, having it whistling away while it’s doing nothing at all, but it shouldn’t be the cause for too much concern because in many cases, you might be able to sort the matter out yourself. 

  • The first things you will want to have a look at here are the unit’s steam nozzles. These are the outlets producing the steam, and they should not be obstructed by any buildup of dirt, grime, or grease.
  • Go on to check and see that no knobs on your unit are broken and that the boiler levels of water and all other measurements are being displayed correctly on the gauges as far as you are able to tell.

Bad-tasting coffee

Few things have the pootential to spoil your day the way a cup of awful tasting coffee will. To take care of this unfortunate state of affairs, check to see whether the following potential trouble areas are in order.

  • Your machine’s group filter holders and the group heads should be free of any accumulated dirt or grime. These might be contaminating your coffee and bringing about the unpleasant taste or aroma.
  • Try and confirm that your water supply is not contaminated and that the coffee beans you are using are fresh and of good quality. Also confirm that the grinder settings on your unit are at the proper settings.

Coffee pours out cold

Your coffee should always be at the temperature you set on the brewer, but there are instances where it will turn out cold or lukewarm. Here’s where the trouble may lie.

  • Ensure that the pressure gauge on your unit indicates the correct numbers, and that the water in your boiler is at the appropriate levels.
  • Move on to the hot water arm inlet and see whether you can find any visible obstructions preventing the flow of hot water. Also take a look at the hot water knob and make sure it is not broken or faulty in some way.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important elements of responsible appliance ownership is maintenance. This goes further than keeping our machine cleaned after usage. Rather than wait for major issues to disrupt your brewer’s operation, having experts come in to look at your unit might save you plenty of time, money, and frustration down the road.

Depending on how busy you keep your coffee maker, it is recommended that you have it serviced every 3 to 6 months by a qualified professional. Appliance Cowboys commercial coffee maker repair and maintenance specialists are a quick call or message away. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment or in case you might have any questions or concerns. You won’t regret it

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