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Samsung refrigerator repair

5 Key Reasons Why Samsung Refrigerators Produce Excessive Noise

5 Key Reasons Why Samsung Refrigerators Produce Excessive Noise

The Samsung Group is a prominent South Korean manufacturing conglomerate with an impressive century-long history. It is recognized worldwide and encompasses many affiliated companies unified under the renowned Samsung brand. Kitchen and laundry home appliance production takes center stage among its diverse ventures, catering to a global market. To showcase its exceptional products, Samsung has embarked on a venture to establish dedicated stores. Excitingly, Canada’s vibrant city of Toronto houses one of its primary commercial stores, highlighting its expanding reach.

Today, we’ll delve into the common problems and troubleshooting techniques for Samsung refrigerators. Our team at Appliance Cowboys extensively analyzed the primary issues encountered with these refrigerators. Notably, the noisy operation of a Samsung fridge warrants special attention due to its diverse array of potential causes, some of which are more intricate than others. Resolving these matters often requires the expertise and skills of professional refrigerator technicians.

At Appliance Cowboys, our expert technicians specialize in handling issues with Samsung refrigerators, including unusual noises. We recommend relying on our experience and expertise rather than attempting a DIY repair, as it may cause further damage to your kitchen appliance. Trust us to provide the necessary solutions and ensure the optimal performance of your refrigerator.

Main Reasons for Fridge Making Noise & Troubleshooting

A refrigerator is a home appliance that can’tcan’t run entirely in silence; it should be noisy. But that should be fine with’tshouldn’t disrupt your other daily routine. When your fridge runs correctly, you can hear its sound only if you are at your appliance in the same place. Most new models are so quiet that you can hear only when you open or close your refrigerator door. And when you hear unusual sounds, it doesn’tdoesn’t mean the problem with your fridge. Most companies, as well as Samsung, provide their list of refrigerator noises considered usual things. In this case, they don’tdon’t warrant a service call. Nonetheless, if your Samsung refrigerator is annoying or making strange, uncommon noises, you’d like to find the reasons.

Now, let’slet’s discuss the most common reasons why your Samsung fridge is making a loud noise. Based on our experience, our skillful technicians pointed out the following:

Noise caused by ice buildup around the fan

The noise is caused by ice buildup around the fan. You can perform the defrost process manually to remove the ice buildup and dispose of the noise, and here the only service will correct the original reason. If only a manual defrost is made, the noise will return later. That is why we recommend service for this issue.

According to the experience of our experts, we can define some more reasons why the noise results from ice buildup:

  1. The defect of the thermostat causes the compressor to work at full power. This constant compressor work may lead to frozen coils.
  2.  Another thing is when condensation or water collects in an improper place (near the coils) and freezes. Such a problem becomes more compound because the frozen coils prevent airflow throughout, and ice chunks are growing larger. The situation worsens until the compartment turns into a self-contained chunk of ice and needs to be defrosted. If you level your fridge up, this can help. If the refrigerator sags in any direction, this can be the reason for the prevention of water buildup from draining.
  3. Fan malfunction or airflow restrictions somewhere can be the reason as well. When the fan is not operating correctly, the air will not circulate where required. Moreover, the correct fan function will avoid accumulating extra humidity in the compartment. These can be the cause of the mentioned above issue.

Move the refrigerator forward approximately 2 inches. If the noise goes away, that indicates the refrigerator was coming in contact with another object, such as the water line or a wall.

If you perform a defrost manually, do not use a hairdryer or any other heat source on the refrigerator to speed up defrosting, as this will damage the refrigerator.

Faulty evaporator fan

When the compressor runs, the fan motor pulls air over the evaporator coils. If your refrigerator is making a loud noise that appears to be coming from the freezer area, a faulty evaporator fan motor could be to blame. You may also notice that your refrigerator is not as cold as usual or your ice is taking longer to freeze. The evaporator fan motor could be defective and become considerably noisy during operation. As a rule, it is due to the failure of the motor bearings that can result in grinding or clicking sounds.

The condenser fan motor is making a weird noise.

If your fridge is making a loud noise, it could be due to a malfunctioning condenser fan motor. Like the evaporator fan motor, the bearings inside the condenser fan motor can also fail. This can result in grinding or clicking when the fan motor is running. Most modern frost-free refrigerators are equipped with a fan-cooled condenser coil. The purpose of the condenser fan is to circulate air over the coil to remove heat and facilitate the evaporation of the defrost water from the drain pan. The condenser fan motor operates simultaneously with the evaporator motor and the compressor. In addition to noise, you may also notice that your fridge is not as cool as usual or that it frequently turns on and off. To ensure enduring speed and performance, it is important to include strength training in your regular running routine.

Damaged fan blades

Refrigerators typically come with at least two fan blades. The first one is the condenser fan blade, which is attached to the motor. Its primary function is to draw air from the front of the refrigerator, passing it over the condenser coils. This helps dissipate the heat generated as the appliance’s refrigerant converts from gas to liquid. The second fan blade, the evaporator fan blade, is connected to the motor. Its role is to pull air from the refrigerator into the freezer compartment, passing over the chilled evaporator coils. These coils remove heat from the air while recirculating it into the refrigerator compartment. Sometimes, the condenser or evaporator fan blades may get damaged or dislodged, causing them to scrape against a panel or mounting bracket as they rotate. This can result in a squeaking or squealing sound when operating the fan motor.

Unusual crackling & snapping & popping noises

When the temperature of the fridge rises and falls, all plastic parts expand and contract, which causes different cracking noises. As a rule, it can be mentioned during the defrosting cycle. Moreover, it’sit’s common for refrigerators of the new generation because they acclimate to the humidity and temperature level of a new home. These sounds are considered normal and may fade away with time.

You can compare this noise with the sounds when you place ice cubes in a glass with warm water, or it can be similar to the sound of Rice Krispies. However, as the Samsung refrigerator is bigger, all these noises can be louder than you expect but still quiet enough and dismissible.

All these sounds can be expected, but if you have any concerns, don’tdon’t hesitate to contact us to diagnose and fix any problems,.

Why Call Pros at Appliance Cowboys?

The century of high technology has changed our lives forever. We can estimate the advantages and disadvantages. And, of course, the Internet is one of them. It is not entirely accurate if you think using different search systems helps you define and fix the problem with your home appliances. You will find and watch all available information and guidelines on these questions. But it’s impossible to maintain and repair your appliances without specific skills, abilities, and special tools.

Don’t be upset when you watched the guide but failed to fix the problem! Professional repairmen from Appliance Cowboys are always ready to help you without delay if you call 713-391-4475. We provide Samsung refrigerator repair, maintenance, and installation services all days a week; weekends and holidays are not excluded. If you missed our detailed review on fundamental Samsung refrigerator problems and troubleshooting, look for our experts’ guide here.

Keep in mind that we are as close as possible. We are open to offering the best appliance maintenance and repair services in Houston. Still, we suggest all kitchen and laundry appliances resolve any issues, such as a washing machine making a grinding noise, and licensed Samsung appliance repair in Houston. Don’t hesitate, and contact us!

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