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Viking refrigerator repair

What To Do With Viking Fridge Problems

What To Do With Viking Fridge Problems

Viking is a renowned brand celebrated for its exceptional home appliances. With a wide range of built-in fridges, ovens, ranges, and more, Viking continually enhances their products to surpass others in the market. Homeowners consider Viking refrigerators the epitome of their kitchens, thanks to the extensive lineup of refrigeration units, freezers, wine coolers, and ice machines they offer. Additionally, the 7 Series provides fully integrated units that seamlessly fit into any kitchen cabinetry. With Viking, you can rest assured that your kitchen needs are covered. However, experiencing a malfunction or breakdown in your Viking refrigerator can be quite unpleasant. This might raise concerns about the quality of Viking products and the associated costs of repairing or replacing this vital kitchen appliance.

Regarding Viking Refrigerator Repair, trust only the experts who understand these appliances and deliver dependable solutions. Don’t let a malfunctioning refrigerator disrupt your household. Contact us today for prompt and reliable Viking Refrigerator Repair services.

Fortunately, you can check a few things to troubleshoot your fridge before calling a professional appliance repairman or running to the store to buy a new one. So keep reading, and we’ll go over the most common issues experienced by homeowners with Viking refrigerators and how to quickly fix them yourself.

Make Sure That Your Refrigerator Is Plugged In

To ensure the proper functioning of your Viking appliance, check if it is working correctly. The power source is not the issue if you can hear the unit running. If you can’t hear the interior fan or condenser operating, there might be a power source problem. Ensure you have plugged the unit in correctly and the power cord is undamaged. Check your home’s main electrical panel for any tripped breakers or blown fuses. Resetting a tripped breaker might solve the issue. If the breakers and fuses are intact and the power cable is fine, there might be a more serious problem with the condenser coils or other internal components.

However, you can troubleshoot common problems with your Viking refrigerator before contacting a professional repairman or considering a new purchase. Stay with us to learn about these issues and find effective DIY solutions.

Always Check And Clean Your Condenser Coils

Your Viking fridge’s back can accumulate an unexpected amount of dirt and dust. Not only is it unsightly and gross, but it can also lead to issues with the condenser coils. These coils circulate coolant, and when covered in dust, they can’t effectively cool the refrigerator. This can increase heat retention and the risk of burning out the condenser. Start by unplugging the fridge and letting the coils cool down. Then, use a cloth and warm water to clean them. Once dust-free, plug the fridge back in and check if the problem is resolved. If not, the issue may be with the condenser, pump, or internal fan.

Check If Your Refrigerator Has Any Damage 

By the issue with your fridge, you can potentially fix or replace it independently. This saves you time and money but also assists us in managing our workload by providing specific details. Therefore, conduct a comprehensive visual inspection of your Viking fridge. Carefully examine the exterior and interior for any visibly loose or broken components. Pay particular attention to the door seals, shelves, and drawers. If you observe anything loose, try tightening it using essential tools.

However, if you detect that the problem lies with a malfunctioning condenser or interior fan, or if you’re unsure how to resolve the issue, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team of experienced technicians is ready to assist you, and we will be more than happy to come out at your convenience to diagnose and address the problem. Our top priorities are your satisfaction and ensuring the optimal functioning of your appliance.

More Tips

Before reaching for your phone to give us a call, ensure that any drinks do not obstruct the fridge’s interior air vents. Blocked vents can impede airflow, leading to overheating of the unit’s internal components and causing issues. Moreover, if you notice water or condensation in or around your fridge, investigate the condition of the door seal first. An intact seal ensures that excess condensation does not accumulate inside. However, if the door seal appears fine, the issue may be related to a cracked drain pan, a faulty water line, or a valve.

Still Not Working? Give Us A Call!

Although you’ll often be able to troubleshoot and fix your fridge independently, it’s not uncommon for a unit’s internal components to break down, occasionally needing to be replaced. So, if you’re having trouble with your Viking refrigerator or any other home appliances, don’t hesitate to call us at 713-391-4475 today. Backed by years of experience in our field, Appliance Cowboys has the knowledge and expertise to fix your appliance problems quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable cost.

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