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Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

If your business uses a dryer, having a safe and efficient dryer vent system is essential. A commercial dryer often takes more wear through repeated use, and problems like dryer vent clogs and lint accumulation can be more common than in household dryers. 

Therefore, commercial dryers should be inspected and cleaned more frequently. Clogs and debris that accumulate in the dryer vent line are a serious fire hazard. Dryers are the source of over 15,500 fires per year. In addition to increased risk of fire, a dryer vent that is clogged, damaged, in disrepair, or improperly installed can also be wasting your business’ valuable time and utilities. A dryer vent that is not functioning properly costs an average of $18 to $24 more per month than a vent system that is properly installed with no obstructions.

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    Appliance Cowboys Serves These Houston, TX Businesses & More!

    Appliance Cowboys provides commercial dryer vent cleaning for businesses of any size in the Houston, TX area. Our experienced technicians deliver the most comprehensive dryer vent cleaning from a thorough inspection of your system to debris removal and cleanup. We work for your business, not only to remove the hidden fire hazard from your property, but also to improve productivity by saving time and energy.

    • Salons
    • Spas
    • Pet Groomers
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Medical Clinics
    • Chiropractors
    • Laundromats
    • Fitness Centers
    • Daycare Facilities
    • Senior Homes
    • Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals

    To learn more about how Appliance Cowboys can save your business time and money while removing a hidden fire hazard, call 713-391-4475 or request an appointment today.

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