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Wilbur Curtis Coffee Brewing Equipment, Tea Brewers, Parts & Accessories

The Best in Coffee Brewing Equipment

Family-owned since its inception in 1941, Wilbur Curtis remains committed to quality workmanship, personal loyalty, and family values. But, the company is hardly old-fashioned. Wilbur Curtis strives for innovation in its commercial coffee brewers and tea brewers to enhance the consumer experience. Wilbur Curtis created the original Gemini Coffee Brewing System, which has become an industry standard, and several innovations that are now commonplace in convenience stores across North America.

Wilbur Curtis also strives to be environmentally conscious in its manufacturing. They take care to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever they can and even go beyond those three R’s, creating an in-house environmental team tasked with implementing, monitoring, and controlling the sustainable efforts across the company.

Wilbur Curtis Airpot Repair

Wilbur Curtis Airpot series

Brewing top quality coffee doesn’t have to be difficult – this Curtis D500GT12A000 automatic airpot coffee brewer with digital controls gives you the versatility to make gourmet quality brews with simple operation! This brewer’s intuitive “scroll-through” programming system lets you modify temperature and volume or add in pre-infusion and pulse brew features to fine-tune the brewing process, and a large LCD screen makes it easy for your staff to use. The control module is impervious to heat, steam, and moisture for years of reliable use, and this brewer also comes with self-diagnostics to make maintenance easy and ensure your customers are always getting the best cup of coffee!

  • 14 7/8″ airpot clearance
  • Easy to use, scroll-through controls; large LCD screen with changeable access code to prevent tampering with controls
  • Quality control features like cold-water lock-out and quality timers
  • Fine-tune brewing with brew temperature and brew volume controls; pulse brew and pre-infusion enhance coffee flavor
  • Power save mode reduces energy consumption when brewer is idle- Pre-programmed to provide ideal results out of the box
Curtis Coffee Decanters: ALPHA Series Repair

Curtis Coffee Decanters: ALPHA Series 

As part of the Alpha G3 series, the Curtis ALP5GT63A000 12 cup automatic coffee brewer delivers precision control, high performance and helpful features designed for ease of use and rich, flavorful coffee every time! Four additional warmers (2 on each side) of the unit hold pots of brewed coffee while you brew another pot on the middle warmer, while an included hot water facet makes this model even more versatile. An integrated timer and automatic warmer shut-off help keep your coffee’s quality at its peak, while onboard diagnostics constantly monitor the brewing process.


  • Large, brightly lit display makes it easy to adjust time, volume, temperature and brew functions
  • Cold water brew lock-out prevents brewing when water temperature dips below set level
  • Pre-infusion, pulse brew and adjustable brewing modes help you tailor the cycle for gourmet flavor and optimum extraction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Requires a 1/4″ water line hookup; water filtration recommended
  • Requires a 120/220V electrical connection
Wilbur Curtis GEM Repair

Wilbur Curtis GEM Series 

Whether you’re brewing for restaurant table service, a hotel lobby, or even a convenience store, this Curtis GEMSS63A1000 G3 Gemini 1.5 gallon coffee satellite brewer makes it easy to produce finely-crafted gourmet coffee every time! This brewer’s versatility comes from its intuitive scroll-through control module, which allows you to fine-tune the details of the brewing process or choose from the pre-programmed menu options – you can even set your brew settings to each brew button for repeatable results. Additional features like pulse brewing and pre-infusion help you create a one of a kind blend your customers will love, and a double walled insulated server locks in heat for a fresh-brewed taste in every cup.

  • Single, 1.5 gallon double wall removable server with sight glass
  • Self-diagnostics monitor brewing operations and make maintenance easy
  • Fully customizable brewing process
  • Large LCD display
Curtis ThermoPro Repair

Curtis ThermoPro Series

Brew the perfect cup of coffee every time with this Curtis TP15S10A1100 ThermoPro 1.5 gallon coffee brewer! Thanks to its intuitive scroll-through menus, this unit lets you fine-tune the entire brewing process while programmable brew controls make it easy for your staff to replicate your fine-tuned recipes use after use. Features like pre-infusion and pulse brewing give you additional ways to customize the brew process, and the included ThermoPro vacuum server gives you the option to establish a separate serving area away from the brewer.

  • Pre-programmed recipes like gourmet standard, dark roast, light roast, high yield, filter pack, and decaf; customizable brew settings for fine-tuned results
  • Pulse brew and pre-infusion settings; quality control features like water bypass and cold brew lock-out
  • Self-diagnostic system displays service phone number and error code should the unit need maintenance
  • Stainless steel vacuum server with sturdy handles and faucet guard; comes with sight glass and sight glass cleaning brush
Gemini IntelliFresh Repair

Gemini IntelliFresh Series

As part of Curtis’ Gold Cup Series, this GEMTIF10B1000 G3 Gemini IntelliFresh 3 gallon coffee satellite brewer ensures your last cup of coffee is as refreshing as the first! Unlike conventional systems, this unit features smart satellite servers that automatically remember your desired temperature settings whether at the brewer or on a portable warming station, ensuring that your coffee is always enveloped in gentle, digitally controlled warmth. An intuitive control module allows you to fine-tune the time, temperature, volume, and other details of the brewing process or choose from the pre-programmed menu options. Additional features like pulse brewing and pre-infusion help you create a one of a kind blend your customers will love.

  • Twin, 1.5 gallon removable servers with sight glasses; IntelliFresh technology remembers temperature requirements whether at brewer or on a satellite warmer
  • Fully customizable brewing process
  • AFS sprayhead
Twin Combo Coffee / Iced Tea & Coffee  Brewer Repair

Twin Combo Coffee / Iced Tea & Coffee  Brewer series

This Curtis CBHT high volume twin combo brewing system is designed to brew 21 gallons of rich, robust coffee or delicious iced tea per hour. This unit offers full brewing programmability and allows for fine tuning with options like pulse brewing, pre-infusion, fast-brew and more! Plus, its multi-batch option has 6 coffee and 4 tea buttons for selectable batch size and differing beverage profiles.

The Curtis CBHT high volume twin combo coffee/tea brewer allows you to brew tea, coffee, or a combination of the two on both sides individually or simultaneously. It has a durable stainless steel exterior and an Advanced Flow Spray head designed to be lime-resistant.

  • This unit requires a 220V, 5100/7500W electrical connection.
Commercial Pourover Station Repair

Commercial Pourover Station series

The Curtis CAFE1DB10A000 pour over 12 cup coffee brewer lets you brew piping hot, delicious coffee just about anywhere, since you don’t need a water line! Designed for simplicity and ease of use, it boasts a large-volume water tank with a powerful heating element for greater brewing capacity and recovery. Its precision-engineered spray head and brewing basket ensure optimum flavor extraction for the best cup in town!

  • Generous tank capacity, wide-mouth water inlet for easy filling
  • Lighted rocker switches; brew-ready light
  • Stainless steel and vinyl construction is easy to clean
  • Requires a 120V electrical connection
Curtis WB5N Description Hot Water Repair

Curtis WB5N Description Hot Water Dispenser

Ideal for front- and back-of-house applications, the Curtis WB5N hot water dispenser can be used for cleaning jobs or hot drinks and food. Its tank holds 5 gallons, and in an hour, it provides 4.5 to 15 gallons of hot water. To ensure that hot water is always ready, the unit has an automatic refill system, while the faucet is 13.63 inches high, accommodating large cups and containers. The temperature is adjustable on the thermostat, and aeration moves the water to extract tea and food flavors when it is dispensed.

Operating this Curtis WB5N plumbed hot water dispenser is straightforward because it has digital temperature and aeration controls. The graphics and indicator lights ensure controlling the unit is convenient, while the large LED display shows the temperature of the dispensing water. Diagnostics in the unit keep it operating properly by maintaining the temperature and water level. If servicing is needed, the components are accessible at the side. This unit is mostly made of stainless steel—a strong material that streamlines cleaning—and has red accents that fit into many settings.

Product Details

Commercial Cappuccino Dispenser Repair

Commercial Cappuccino Dispenser series.

Wilbur Curtis PCGT6 Details

With an ample six-hopper capacity that allows it to dispense up to 6 drink flavours at once, this Curtis PCGT6 primo cappuccino dispenser is perfect for operations that sell a high volume of cappuccino drinks to customers on the go. It features an eye-catching graphic that is sure to promote more impulse purchases at your coffee shop or convenience store, and with one 10 lb., two 3 lb.,, and three 5 lb. hoppers, it allows you to double the volume of top selling flavours and reduce fill times. This unit also has an easy to use pre-set dispense option so that your customers can choose a small, medium, or large size with just the touch of a button.

This Curtis PCGT6 primo cappuccino dispenser’s high velocity whipping motors, direct drive mixing augers, and fixed-flow water system ensure precise blending and consistent drink quality. Plus, due to its angled whipping chamber, this dispensing system drains liquids far better than other systems to significantly reduce cleaning requirements.

  • This Curtis PCGT6 primo cappuccino dispenser requires a 120V electrical connection.
Commercial Iced Tea Brewer Repair

Commercial Iced Tea  Brewer series

Wilbur Curtis TB Details

If you’re looking for a way to serve incredible iced tea with a brewer that is simple to operate and requires little maintenance, then look no further than the Curtis TB 3-5 gallon stainless steel iced tea brewer! This unit offers digital temperature and brew-by-volume controls as well as two separate precision valves, giving you total control over concentrate brewing and dilution cycles. Plus, it has a cold water brew lock-out feature that prevents it from brewing tea when the water temperature is below a set level.

  • The Curtis TB iced tea brewer requires a 120V electrical connection.

Common Problems

  • IF you are not able to brew and the display shows “Sensor” without going away, call us. The temperature sensor might need to be replaced due to a faulty sensor.
  • If you notice “Ready to brew,” “Ready” or “Heating” on the display but the water is still cool or heating too slow there could be a variety of causes. The brewer could have an open heating element, bad wiring, or other electrical issues. These should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • If “ Water Level Error” is showing on the screen. Possible issues could be related to open, blocked, leaking valves, water supply shut off,  filter clogged.
  • No Power to Display due to power surge or major power problems could damage the following; thermostat (HI-LIMIT) switch, inlet valve terminals, or universal control module. These should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Extremely hot temperatures, resulting in water boil or overflow, due to sensor that has shorted to ground, or it’s reading that the temperature in the heating tank is above 210°F due to a faulty universal power module (UPM) or shorted Triac. These issues should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Brewer is over dispensing check for broken or missing spray head or recalibration of water levels will need to be reprogrammed on main control board.
  • Water tank open probe failure can cause unlevelled water in the tank thus not dispensing, overflowing, or not heating.
Curtis RU-600-20 Automatic Twin 6 Gallon Coffee Urn Large Volume Repair

Curtis RU-600-20 Automatic Twin 6 Gallon Coffee Urn Large Volume Series

Perfect for use at busy convenience stores, cafeterias, and catered events, this Curtis RU-600-20 automatic 220V Twin 6 gallon coffee urn makes it easier than ever to brew large volumes of premium-quality coffee for your customers! This unit boasts a swing spray head and a closed-lid brewing system, saturating the grounds and locking in flavor and aroma for the perfect cup time after time. And thanks to its simplistic push-button operation, your staff can spend less time at the machine and more time helping customers; simply load the brew basket, move the spray head into place, replace the cover, and press the brew button! Thermostatic controls provide consistent temperature management, and for superior durability and easy cleaning, this coffee urn is made from heavy gauge stainless steel with welded seams.

  • 12 gallon total urn capacity; brews up to 30 gallons / hour
  • Self-closing drip-proof faucets
  • Dial thermometer
  • Thermostat automatically maintains correct brewing temperature
  • Automatic refill during brewing cycle
  • Stainless steel filter basket with hold down flaps
  • Half-batch brew cycle lets you brew smaller amounts and minimize waste
  • Emergency refill valve

Common Problems

  • Overflowing from Overflow or not dispensing . Possible issues could be related to open, blocked, leaking valves , water supply shut off, filter clogged.
  • No Power to brewer due to fuse blown out ,. These should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Extremely hot temperatures, resulting in water to boil or overflow, due to sensor that has shorted to ground, or it’s reading that the temperature in the heating tank is above 210°F due to a faulty heating element. These issues should be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Water tank open probe failure can cause unleveled water in the tank thus not dispensing,overflowing or not heating.
Automatic Coffee Grinder Repair

Automatic Coffee Grinder Series

Wilbur Curtis SLG-10 Details

No matter how you brew, getting a consistent grind of coffee is essential to making great coffee. The line of Curtis commercial coffee grinders will help any foodservice operation with this important part of the brewing process. Fully automatic operation and solid state dual range timers ensure precise portion control and foolproof operation.

This Curtis SLG-10 automatic coffee grinder is the perfect addition to supermarkets, cafes, or any application that prides itself on top quality coffee! This grinder boasts a large 5 lb. hopper that cuts back on refills, and positive auger flow for uninterrupted coffee dispensing. A 1/2 hp motor and single select/start switch makes operation easy, while self-adjusting brew rails let it accommodate even large-size brew baskets with ease.

  • Large grinding burrs for fast, efficient operation
  • 1/2 hp motor with safety circuit breaker
  • Adjustable portion sizes from 1 oz. to 27 oz.

Common Problems

  • Over or Under Dispensing the correct amount or weight of amount of ground coffee desired.
  • Grinder not dispensing due to bad timer or Motor Jammed.
  • Broken or damaged Hopper canister.
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